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So it started back in August when Siddesh, me and Rushikesh were working on a project Asset Suraksha which Rushikesh had somehow managed to bag because of some relative of his.

Siddesh had this thought of making a website where students can enroll and take tests. A thought he had while in conversation with his coaching class lecturer. While we faced a lot of problems making the asset suraksha website right, learning database, backend and more such stuff siddesh was also brain storming on that. After a while we got to know that the payment wont happen from the Asset Suraksha project and then decided to work on the test making project.

Siddesh had calculated a dealine of december to launch, but it couldn’t happen. We then took it forward to March. Siddesh was working on this since the start, I joined him for some dev-ops in December for hosting on EC2(AWS) and doing all sorts of network config. I had last served 1337Lab, Inc on 19th November and left for Bangalore the same night, came back with a job offer in Vashi over a call. So started working with Tesseract Imaging from December start which was not a part of the plan. But Tesseract did give me a lot of exposure to everything I needed from the tech perspective. A lot of good people work there. Siddesh meanwhile came once to my new apartment room and we worked on the payment processing pipeline together.

It was 3 March and 9pm, I said, “Yaar I really love Tesseract, but till when am I going to run away from execution. I have to resign.” Siddesh just agreed to whatever I said and replied, “Go ahead, I am telling you to resign. We have a lot do on the testbuzz”. Once when Siddesh said that, I somehow had subconsciously assumed that I have siddesh to fallback. He has got my back and resign I did.

The next day was March 21, 2020 it was the start of the covid-19 lockdown. My laptop got its charging port bugged and wasn’t working. So basically Tesseract was going to change the working style to WFH from now onwards and i had left already. Siddesh and I worked a bit here and there. He shortlisted few questions and we started uploading, some tweaks and the tests were online. Ran digital campaigns.

We spent Rs.5200
251 users onboarded
81 users took the test
7 completed it.

Rs. 743 per completed test!
Expensive enough ?

Though it would have compounded later. I think it was do-able, where nobdy knew wtf is testbuzz and etc. We realized later, digital marketing for Indian audience works great, and we can harness it later. So we started making changes. for the next run. We estimated to run 3 sets of tests and every test set had 3 tests every alternate day(eg. 7 April, 9 April, 11 April was set 1). Later we realized we need to fix a lot of things for the second run so we decided not to go for set 2, 3.

Then came in Tambe(Shubham Tambe) and he started as backend eventually getting into front-end too. Tambe has always been the fastest learner I ever knew. Just tell him something and he knows it adequately the next day. Since the start, I always wanted Tambe to work with us in Testbuzz, had told siddesh and tambe many times the same.

After a rough start with no machine to work on with a bit of assistance from my friend, and wasting time on Netflix, shifting from Koparkhairane, a month of Mugreens finally I started with some actuall Testbuzz architect.

Me, Tambe and Siddesh were on constant calls for architecting the whole. I already was having a conversation with Saurabh, so thought of giving him a start and also getting our design in place. But for some reason it didn’t work out, no issues. But I still think he takes it more personally and ignores me on social media applications. I might be wrong. Tanmay meanwhile was auxillary and helped us wherever he could. He was more into his prep stuff. So we had to continue the design from wherever left and we couldn’t have time for the whole K.T. so I took up the undone work and Kaustubh assisted me in validation.

I once got angry and yelled at both and said, I won’t be doing any of the Project Management work ahead angrily. The next day onwards Siddesh stopped working and said that he felt some kind of relief when he stopped working the night before and later continued to say that, he won’t be working for testbuzz anymore and he quits. We(Me and Tambe) didn’t work for a few days and then later went on to Tambe telling me, that even he won’t be working for Testbuzz, in a very encoded telephonic conversation.

I went on to do the designs on Figma and later hired 2 interns, Nisha and Rushikesh. These guys had a lot to learn, and they did. After dragging for a while, Siddesh ignoring all my calls and Tambe saying no to me directly on calls for server tasks(because his father was admitted, grateful to him man), but still being there for support when required and many more such things kept happening. It was day before yesterday 10 October, 2020 I had a conversation with Siddesh and we agreed that we were knocking on the wrong door. Maybe covid-19 and the new NEP helped a lot for edtech startups founders to actually start. Whatever! Market timing and your product development has to always be in a pulled overlap. You should be a step ahead to the market time, certainly when you do not have enough resources and might have to compromise for some.

Here are a few creatives for the campaigns we made

Thanks Kamal

Thanks Ukey

Mobile App

Old site

Forarded to all

Flow sure

Thanks, Abhishek Saha for guiding and taking step by step and validating whenever it came to the edtech market in India, (Idea validation, features, Cross questions, clarity and more), Rushikesh Nage for giving us the asset suraksha project, Saurabh Ukey(Starting to help with the design), Saurabh Chauhan(for being available as a market analysis), Tanmay Mhatre(Mostly HR and other data crawling), Sanket Sule(for referring his friend Karthik), Karan Sawant(for validation, suggestions, correction and walkthrough), Pooja Naik(for proof reading), Prabhakar(friend referral), Mayur S.(for the name Testbuzz), Ankit K.(for the new logo), Amey Tarfe and Nilesh Patil(for being available for front-end), Kaustubh Kadu(for design validation), Ram Krish(for staying available for illustrations), Ubaid Q and Saurav Jagdale(for helping me with dev-ops), Chetan D.(for investor contacts and past implementation), Nisha and Rushi (for believing and to work), Shubham Mahadik, Sonali Mhatre, Sagar Daga, Shobhit(for company registration), Uday(for listening to problems and starting front-end),Aksh(for everything morale) and my family(for allowing me to use the apartment for work purposes), Dipali (for arranging some part of the funds). Siddesh and Tambe for a team.