Okay Testbuzz, We are done.

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Testbuzz Site Contact for code/docs/Jira/BMC anything So it started back in August when Siddesh, me and Rushikesh were working on a project Asset Suraksha which Rushikesh had somehow managed to bag because of some relative of his. Siddesh had this thought of making a website where students can enroll and take tests. A thought he had while in conversation with his coaching class lecturer. While we faced a lot of problems making the asset suraksha website right, learning database, backend and more such stuff siddesh was also brain storming on that.

I was hacked

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I used to believe that putting out vulnerabilities was the most stupid thing someone would do. When you try to hide but not actually restrict access or disable an exposed port over the network, you will be targetted and the losses will be huge. But only when people and you collaboratively work on those flaws, you come up with a patch. A solution. This solution intends to minimize the losses further and you keep working on this security part concurrently with the business impact you wanted to ever create.