Hello, World
I write about projects and experiences to reminisce.
Pace University, NYC, US(2022-2024 CS)
Mumbai University, India(2014-2018 CSE)
TestBuzz, 1337Lab and Tesseract Imaging
I reside in New York and am currently pursuing my MS in Computer Science.



- Captions App 09-Nov-2021 (2 mins)
- Habit Rush 09-Nov-2021 (1 mins)
- Wifi distance calculator 05-Jul-2021 (1 mins)
- Nippy Launcher 22-Dec-2020 (1 mins)
- Solar Calculator 22-Nov-2020 (2 mins)
- Testbuzz 11-Oct-2020 (6 mins)
- Asset Suraksha 19-Apr-2020 (1 mins)
- NMMC App 31-Mar-2019 (1 mins)
- RAIT Placement Portal 08-Feb-2019 (1 mins)
- iOS8 Waveform for android (Gradle library) 08-Jan-2019 (1 mins)
- Interactive Physiotherapy 10-Apr-2018 (1 mins)
- Lyrics 19-Jul-2017 (1 mins)
- Max Music 15-Aug-2016 (1 mins)


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