U app update 1

5 minute read Published:

If you calculate about the total time we invested in U app from the ground zero it would piss you off and also you will come running after me to kick my ass! I always had been thinking of making some Uran specific app because Used to travel to Agnels and RAIT for long Too stupid(maybe not) to make an app for everything It was December 2017, came back from a Manali trip and was discussing about final year project stuff with one of my project mate.

Android chat heads & Instalyrics

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I remember those days when I used to struggle for fancy interactive views on the android SDK. Back in 2015, I was impressed by facebook’s messenger app which can be drawn over screen and had chat bubble heads(and I guess that is how it got termed as chat bubbles). I wanted to make the same for the Instalyrics app. Later down the line that’s what musixmatch did. Sighs Instalyrics had already gathered traction, In the first week we only did WOM(Word-of-mouth) among our friends.