Welcome back

Ni Nachleh, Ni Nachleh, Ni Nachleh ni tere peeche ud janvi yeee. - Imran Khan (A bit high) And somebody’s back, with that it looked like again the same drifts were going to happen. A night stretch without sleep. Trishna said if you don’t learn from the lessons, they keep repeating. Now it constantly makes me aware about slacking due a particular individual. This night was productive, aisle work, fl basic wrc app and completely focused.

Friends, Foreign and my Fight

It was around 8:30pm. Took a bath and sat down on instagram to have a look at the stories people post as i find it interesting. Somebody was having a New York special cheese cake in Manhattan obviously. Well that made me feel super depressed. Abhi has been going out on a lot of treks in Canada, i never ever have even dreamt of which made me feel like to go to Abhi’s place and trek with him.


Shit. just realised what has been happening. It is just like a void of 8 months. Since quitting testbuzz, it has been a different time for me and not at all productive. It was all due to my reaction for the situation created by somebody’s departure. Now all of a sudden, somebody’s back. Fuck. What am i supposed to do. I am pretty sure you would think i would be happy.

Fearing what Kamal said

This is actually a late writeup. A week or two ago, was just casually having a conversation with R S Kamal. He studies in Australia and had started with me since Newgen. In just a short span of time we know each other so well. One fine day He resigned. I had no plans, just thoughts so just to show i am with you, to Kamal. I resigned too. I resigned with staying next 2 months at home.

Catching up

It has been very clear that i have been flowing with the kids time. But i have found a hack. i divide and cut out. It works. I somehow already know what i want and believe everbody knows that. Just have to maintain this winning streak. well with a days happy produce, going to march ahead to at least do i for a week, further incrementing. Progressing good on the captions ios app

My schedule

My schedule has taken a big turn. From working and actually being productive for 15 hours a day to just working 2 hours a day and being not even productive within that. Well i took up to staying away from my parents for this exact reason and here i am messing my long running game in the start itself. But I am aware. I am finding it hard to gather and organise.