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Roadtrip, Konkan

6 minute read Published:

First week of January, I called Ameya, we dicussed about a lot of topics from my personality trait to be less aggressive in situations, to our good times in Tesseract. but more importantly we talked about how my then significant other takes up a decision and I put myself into discomfort. Hmm. He asked me why don’t I join him for a trip to his native, that would help me detox from the current situation and he can accomplish his goal of making his friend Pratik Sarkate realize the importance of doing parties with him.

A solo trip to Kedarkantha

12 minute read Published:

It is 2 November, 2020 today. Late at night I was having a conversation with Uday and Siddesh. A con call. I happened to ask Uday where would he go if he had to go right now. He was prompt and it didn’t take time for him to think. He said Kedarkantha, and it was that then. The plan was to depart the next day and I had no tickets booked.

Jaipur and the haunted Bhangarh

5 minute read Published:

It was 2nd April 2019 and nobody yet had agreed to come with me for stargazing. There were high chances of the plan getting scraped off. Though also was planning to go alone but Maitrey and Siddesh had scared me with their stories already. After a lot of calls and convincing, Uday and Siddesh finally agreed. The whole night I couldn’t sleep, damn excited! Tracey joined us without any hesitation and ready we were.