Roadtrip, Konkan

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First week of January, I called Ameya, we dicussed about a lot of topics from my personality trait to be less aggressive in situations, to our good times in Tesseract. but more importantly we talked about how my then significant other takes up a decision and I put myself into discomfort. Hmm. He asked me why don’t I join him for a trip to his native, that would help me detox from the current situation and he can accomplish his goal of making his friend Pratik Sarkate realize the importance of doing parties with him.(not to do without him) Hence this time make him feel jealous for not inviting Ameya for so many parties.

I was super occupied. Honestly.

Parth had shipped me a quadcopter which was supposed to be completed by december itself, but my work at being kept me way too occupied. This was one of the best organizations i have ever not only worked but seen though. Had begun he work on project-w and wanted to keep with it, freelance and several more things which i don’t want to recall now. I wanted to be the same me as I was an (year spells like e-a-r hence the article will be an)year ago. Haven’t been out for a while since November and already was used to being a nomad. Well. Ameya was correct. I desperately needed this therapy.

What if i told you that i wanted to exit from the exhaustive work from my** home. wanted to go to the himalayas and work maybe Wait a second! I can combine these two right? survey stage of project-w and the trip can be done together? wow. What about being?. been performing very pathetic there and Abhi my CTO was gonna do the extreme this time, which he was holding himself since long about me. i was mentally never able to focus. So following on, project-w and the trip. Cool. So i estimated about n surveys to be done and draw out the conclusion of the jobs people are trying to get done around the core idea.(Thanks to Abhi and Varun from being)

In the second year of engineering, Amey Tarfe, Rushikesh nage and i had made a quadcopter and never actually had used it. what better time to put it to use than this. but we faced some battery issues and hence couldn’t carry this time trip. Ameya had prepared like crazy for this trip which created more enthu in the WA group. i left on 24th Feb in the morning for Appy and stayed at Deepak mama’s place as it was on the way and we had to depart at 4-5 am in the morning. This was a good decision, as it was even beneficial for Rahul who was coming from Pune as he can get few hours of peaceful rest. But i made Rahul go places while reaching mama’s apartment, as even i myself didn’t have the memory of the route to his residence. i swear Rahul might have a kilogram of bad words and slangs for me at that very time at 10:30pm at night, he was already exhausted. My mama’s place was like from the movie rahasyamai tehkhana. Though my aunt took super wonderful care of me and served chicken. Rohit was an entertainer that night, my younger brother

Amey had planned like crazy, he was enthralled as he knew the intensity of joy the locations would bring to us. We were unaware, about the same and were worried about first making it to the trip properly and later enjoying. We met at Mumbai-Goa Highway. Handshakes and Hellos done. We started. We logged everything into Split wise and we also took care of the petrol turn by turn. Solid and smooth mangement by Amey hats off.

Ameya had planned this whole trip. He had one of most beautiful house ‘ve ever seen. It was spacious, gave the purest positive vibe and was architected beautifully. His late mom had contributed to architecture and making. Always wondered, how has Ameya been this mature to deal with situations like these. Well he says, this is the process and you have to accept it and move on. There are many things to look up too. Just be in the present moment. your admirer buddy.

प्रतिक राजन वालावलकर was an elder brother of my college mate. We were sitting before a high session together and I told him the only वालावलकर I knew was Aishwarya and we both just opened our eyes to the fullest, going on to say she was from rait, comps etc. and we got to know they siblings. Well. Now I was a bit nervous. He is a very humble person, thoughful and composed. He believes in sustainable techniques in waste management and had already setup a plant in his society. He did tell us stories about the same. How the society management is scamming. He also told about his work in Tata plant and how they manage migration of huge machines. Wow.

I had met Rahul already a night before the trip, He went on to tell me about his past 10 years, and is future expectations. A clearly hard working guy. He was already freelancing in Textbook(a then Testbuzz competitor). Stayed in Delhi for a while, was preparing for IAS entrances and was now staying in Pune, had done EXTC engineering and worked for a while in Startup India. He is stuck between a lot of choices and fast flowing time. More power to you to figure out bro. He along with Pratik W. struck a good conversation worth listening to, not surprisingly sometimes they also turned into heated debates. lol. But we enjoyed.

Pratik Mankar. Best. He had a back story. Like you hear, how most of the people from rural bombay’s upbringing have. He was working, his family doesn’t support him. He had a 7 year long relationship which didn’t workout and he told us to the depth of it. The way he has been handling his situations and discomforts, oh boy, there is a great deal of skills and decision making to learn from him.

All these folks have been a great great manager in their own lives. Cannot thank Ameya enough for letting me join the trip and share memories with such a great team.

I am very grateful for the name Appy. The brain storming and everybody specially Pratik(both) came up with the name Appy. It was impulsive and boosting. Appy is now the name of my dog. She is 3 months 12 days old as of now.

The places, the Konkani food was clearly the best best best i have ever had. It was yum. Still mouth watering. Not a single place was disappointing. I am glad to be invited here. Konkan is a food court of its own or heaven. Maybe.

The day we were leaving back to home, we were a bit caught in the many memories we made, obviously. No questions, we all wanted to stay back. But also i was excited to bring Appy home. This trip helped me in some project validation too. Was leaving with brothers I had made. Thankyou Chu.Ma.Na Vishesh trip 1 team Grateful to you all

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