I was hacked

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I used to believe that putting out vulnerabilities was the most stupid thing someone would do.

When you try to hide but not actually restrict access or disable an exposed port over the network, you will be targetted and the losses will be huge. But only when people and you collaboratively work on those flaws, you come up with a patch. A solution. This solution intends to minimize the losses further and you keep working on this security part concurrently with the business impact you wanted to ever create. This ensures smooth functioning and a better delivery of the product or the service you were offering. Better than what you were had yesterday and thus improving, adapting, open to changes.

Similarly, I have realized let people take control of your weak points you have, expose them, Let them manipulate you. Can you be less fragile to that? Are you soft? This is what Mark Manson says in his books. Stop being more fragile as a species.

If you come up with a patch fix for this in the same way with help of your colleagues, friends and family that would be great right ?

You have to be more antifragile towards yourself and be in greater control. Your anger, temper, slow decision making, looking forward in future and managing people and work. It also applies in case of timelines of the work you setup for the people you are working with.

My boys whom I am working with targetted my vunerabilities accidently. A partner of my other project I was involved into also started saying I was needed no more. Well. I won’t give out any clarification though. I had always been hiding them. Now is the time I fix ‘em. I push them in other things, they push me here. BottomLine

I got hacked!

The main question is how much loss is being projected and when is the fix available.