U app update 1

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If you calculate about the total time we invested in U app from the ground zero it would piss you off and also you will come running after me to kick my ass!

I always had been thinking of making some Uran specific app because

  1. Used to travel to Agnels and RAIT for long
  2. Too stupid(maybe not) to make an app for everything

It was December 2017, came back from a Manali trip and was discussing about final year project stuff with one of my project mate. She randomly said that we should make one such app and then suddenly I was like dude I am planning to work on the same.

Then decided to start the work and we split the roles

  • Me - Technical
  • She - PR, HR

She gathered some data for NMMT(Offline) and I vested time for making an app

It was themed blue and had windows like Metro-UI

Launched on the Google play store on 10 March 2018 with package name com.dragonide.uran(Funny ain't it?)
We had a semester examination the next day but still I worked like crazy a night before too.

P.S. I managed to pass the subject

She got an intern in, who was a younger brother of her friend. The only work he had was to translate the news articles from a local language to English, add the news to the dashboard and send it for review. After the review it was available on an API call.

Soon the conversations were more of finance. She had a great idea of collaborating with local politicians and making a lot of money. Which was not a bad idea but I was sca red about the power we would handover into thier hands. So I strongly opposed and then we split. The intern was no more working and the project didn’t actually rolled out a production build.

Following are the screenshots when the last production build was pushed.(haha Ikr, lame )

She had always been a mysterious person. She claimed she was an android developer but didn’t actually knew adb(until then) also she never assisted me in writing code for the app(that’s what we actually agreed though). She also had partnered with Hardik my chuddie buddie and Tanmay for making an rain gauge hardware for which she actually made an app that is what Tanmay said to me. No complains though cause she used to complete the documentation part which was allotted to her of the BE Project. College was over, I received an offer from Newgen Software Technologies Pvt Ltd., had good times. Meanwhile was working in bits and pieces on the U app, She then release a hybrid native app Karadi Samaj in January 2019. I had just got into an IoT startup then.

Big break and had stopped working on U app then.

Siddesh told me to pick it up again polish it and then maybe focus less. But don’t waste your time and efforts, by discarding this project.

Around June 2019, I was just researching on NMMT I came across API’s yep. I showed this to Maitrey and he was amazed too.

Now this could be of a great advantage to end users that they can track the live bus. I also got acess to TMT’s bus API’s but had no plans of bringing it down to Thane.

I then contacted Shubham through Prathamesh my school friend for marketing strategies. Kaustubh helped me with suggestion for making a friendly interface also with the monetization ones.

Also contacted a school friend of mine Sonal to fix things up with an instagram account already marketing stuff in Uran. We both have completely different approach.

I had actually mailed them twice about me handing them the U app so they can continue with what they were doing with also an app because was sure, wont be able to allot as much time as needed.

He mentioned me that they don’t need an app both the times. He did contact me for and app later. But thats okay.

Few days later we made an instagram account and started marketing a bit more than usual. More graphics, more spreading, groups and Uran traffic morcha etc events.

By this time we had Shubham Tambe to handle things on the backend, also he did a lot on the front end too and had resigned by then from Newgen Software. nmcity.xyz (Which we sold back after vesting 1500 on hosting and domain etc)

A lot of feature enhancement, bug fixes etc. One thing we realised was the goal we had was to scope till NMMC only and not beyond that which brought a bit of a dullness.

The business model was never in place. Not even now. It was never supposed to be a business, It was something which can ease daily commute and create awareness about local things happening around.

Yes, It still can make money, can feature ads or have promo content of other businesses like what urankars do. But they are great at their place and can do it better than anyone else. U app is a freeware project.

So to take the cost dependencies out, Tambe and I took a decision to remove the dependency on nmcity.xyz and reimplement on firebase which uses javascript for everything. We migrated to firebase and here we are!!! Had to change the whole structure from zero again.

Now to source good quality content we have to find reporters and then came across 6-7 reporters who are exceptionally good. We have retained all of them. They occasionally keep updating.

I also appreciate efforts by Hardik and Onkar for a time period they gave ample ideas for new users acquisition and retention. The control of creating content should be with end users, thats what he said. They also helped me in getting latest schedule for all the ferries. Thank you boyz.

The last update was served on 21 February 2020.

Maybe we can scale this up.
Maybe Tanmay can help us monitize better.
Maybe good direction can lead this Proj.

But it is great now. Things could have been faster. I slacked off alot.

I hope it won’t happen in the next one’s. Until then.